CleanGredients® is a project of GreenBlue developed through a multi-stakeholder coalition of participants from government entities, environmental organizations, industry associations, product formulators, and chemical suppliers. CleanGredients is now a thriving community of practice working to bring products to the market that utilize the latest scientific data to design products that are as benign as possible to humans and the environment.

U.S. EPA's Safer Choice Program

The Safer Choice Program advances EPA's mission to protect human health and the environment.

The program uses EPA's chemical expertise and resources to carefully evaluate products and to label only those that have met the program's highly protective standards. By allowing use of the Safer Choice label on products, EPA empowers consumers andcommercial purchasers to select safer chemical products that do not sacrifice quality or performance —and are safer for people and the planet. The Safer Choice Program labels a variety of chemical-based products, like all-purpose cleaners, laundry detergents, and carpet and floor care products. Look for the Safer Choice label when you shop or procure products and join this national effort to protect human and environmental health. For more information about U.S. EPA's Safer Choice Program:


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NSF International's Sustainability, Food Safety and Wastewater divisions can support your green strategies,help build brand equity, and differentiate your products and services in a marketplace crowded with sustainable or environmental product claims.

Our experts can tailor solutions to match competitive opportunities for your industry or organization from our extensive andgrowing body of standards, protocols, testing, auditing, certification and validation services. NSF Sustainability is an approved third-party profiler of ingredients and products for GreenBlue's CleanGredients and Material IQ programs as well as Clean Production Action's GreenScreen™ program. We can facilitate your company's path toward safer chemical substitution by performing full GreenScreen or GreenScreen List Translator reviews, or by screening your products for known benchmark 1 chemicals. Our team of qualified toxicologists provides fast, cost-effective and reliable reports.

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ToxServices is a scientific consulting firm that excels at providing toxicology, regulatory, third-party risk assessment, hazard assessment, and auditing consulting services.

We are an authorized third-party reviewer for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Safer Choice Program, GreenBlue's CleanGredients and Material IQ™ databases, and Clean Production Action's GreenScreen™ as well as an authorized third party assessor for the Cradle to CradleCM (C2C) Products Innovation Institute. ToxServices professional staff members provide clients with a unique combination of toxicology, epidemiology, and regulatory expertise to resolve complex environmental health and regulatory compliance issues. ToxServices can bring your product to market faster, safer, and fully compliant with US, EU, and Health Canada regulatory requirements and directives.

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