Reproductive Toxicity in Solvents
Reproductive toxicity is a form of inherent hazard. A primary objective of the CleanGredients® database is to provide guidance for choosing chemicals that are inherently less hazardous than conventional options. Products formulated with safer chemicals have lower risk associated with accidents or exposure across the product lifecycle.
Listing Requirements
As a prerequisite for being listed in CleanGredients, all solvents must have their reproductive toxicity data evaluated by a third party. Solvents listed in CleanGredients must have reproductive toxicity test results of at least:

  • Oral LOEL/LOAEL > 250mg/kg-bw/day
  • Dermal LOEL/LOAEL >200mg/kg-bw/day
  • Inhalation
  • (Gas) LOEL/LOAEL >250ppm/6hr/day (Dust/Mist/Fumes) LOEL/LOAEL >0.2mg/L/6hr/day (Vapor) LOEL/LOAEL >1.0mg/L/6hr/day